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Califur Report Day 1

OK, well I am a bit hung over so I will just go over this as quickly as I can.

We got up around 7:30 and was out of the room by 8AM. Went down to the nice restaurant and got breakfast. A delicious omlet.

Back up to the room around 8:50. Hung out with Baja in the room for about an hour before his roommates showed up. He took off and I spent a little time on FA. I was mainly waiting for the reg line to go down. Diadexxus and Kurader waited in the reg line for 2 hours. But some of that was waiting for the reg time to actually open. Got some video after that, and ran into folks that I had never seen before. I won't mention any names, but SOMEONE got a VERY VERY cute hyena suit! You will have to introduce me to your friend back at home!! Yeah you know who you are.

Managed to get in some time in the dealers room, around 11:30am. I was mainly after getting to see Dark Natasha and get her my book. I paid her a little extra for a kinky 3 character piece. I am really happy with out it turned out but I will save that for my day 2 report.

Diadexxus apparently was asked to run the fursuit panel at the last second because there was apparently no one to run it. I needed a fursuit head fan as I forgot mine. I was going to NOT SUIT if I was not able to secure a fan. Kurader, Dia and I grabbed a Cab and went to this local Mall called The District. Went to the Target there and got a great 10" Honeywell. I loooove it. I also picked up one of those tiny 4" fans that are great for fursuit head drying while traveling. We then walked to this great "California Style" sushi bar called RA Sushi for lunch. Ate then then took a long walk to Whole Foods for some Vodka. They don't sell hard liquor.WTF. So cab ride back and got suited up quickly to make it to the Fursuit Meet & Greet.

The Meet and Greet was fun once things got rolling. Once again it was an event at the con that was scheduled but no organizer was there. Trigger Happy Squirrel was kind enough to relocate some fans from the headless lounge on the 2nd floor to the main stage area for cooling. I think they also cranked the AC. Diadexxus once again ended up running an event at CF at the last second. We did an around the room after a long while of just being silly suits. It was fun being Cirrus with other suits as always. After that was over. We got let out of there after it was all done andKurader was video taping me for me, yeah... And these 2 guys in grey suits starting interacting with us. One could say they were giving us a hard time, but I thought it was really funny.Arokh says they are some kind of "The Anonymous" or something like that. Kurader got it all on tape. I can not WAIT to review that footage.

Finally it was pushing 9PM and we went up to the room to get outta suit and I got to pop the cherry on my new Honeywell fan. VERY NICE, andit was only $12. Spent a while wandering around in my room in breifs to cool and dry off. it is now starting to push 10PM. As a last ditch effort we went on a longish walk to a Ralph's that is not too far away. We got there at about 10:05pm and that was about the time I realized that the Dragon Meet was at 10:30 thanks to a phone call fromSkadjer. We booked it in there, I got 2 bottles of my favorite cheap Vodka (Svedka ) and some OJ. I already had Cranberry Juice. Vodka Cranberry is my favorite drink. Picked up some chips and sour apple candy and headed out.Kurader and I got back to the hotel and Diadexxus had arranged some ice in the sink in the bathroom. I got the liquids on ice and ran down to the dragon meet.

Once again it was a scheduled event with no one running it. Some new and old faces there. We had a good time. Some folks asked me some details about the dragon panel forFC 2009. I won't name off anyone specific because I am sure I will forget some others. But it was a good hour and a half with dragons ans dragon fans, talking about.... dragons.. Who knew?!

Skadjer, Syrinoth, Slash0x and Yiffy Raptor cam back to the room and we DRANK. It is now about 11:30 PM. We drank till about 1:30am and had a great time talking and goofing off. We all finally crashed about 3AM. Good times! Thanks guys!!!

Tomorrow morning Diadexxus and I are heading out early from the hotel and going to the garment district for fur and then heading home shortly after that. So I will try and write a day 2 report as soon as I can. Thanks for reading,

- Kiteless
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