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Califur Report Day 2

Woke up around 8AM and went down to get another wonderful breakfast. Got back up to the room and folks were stating to wake up or already taking a shower.

A little memory blur, but the next thing I remember is making my way down to the dealers room and got my sketch book back from DarkNatasha. She did a wonderful piece for me involving a dragon, fox and a human. ( Borat) EEZ VERY NIIICE!!!

Back up to the room to see who was still in the room. Showed off my new sketch. Socialized in my room for a little bit, then headed down to the lobby to hang out. There is more blur and then I went to my room to get dressed as Cirrus. Some how I managed to get into him without any help. I think I got a system worked out.Prepared my camcorder for Kurader and called him. He was able to come by the room and snag the camcorder to do some more filming for me. THANK YOU.

Was not totally sure where the parade started but was able to track it down and get back stage with all the other suits. Being back there I got to hang out with Bleaze and Far Raptor along with other fun folks.

The parade started and some how we ended up at the front of the line, right behind the guy with the radio. We stepped out into the hallway, a single lap around the little dealers den, 20 feet to the end of the hall from coming out of the den, a left and another left out of the lobby and back into the back hallway leaving photo areas and we all emptied into this little open area, no wind and blazing hot sun. So the parade ended up being all of about a 5 minute walk to the very hot outdoor photo op area. There was plenty of common hotel area we could have been at. Thankfully the guy who was directing us was not a dick and got the suits on one side and the photographers on the other. By now the sun was really starting to bake through my suit. After that we were directed back into this outdoor banquet tent thing. It was big, with a tall ridged frame and air conditioned. Had a lot of fun gettingfilmed goofing off in the tent, and eventually I was DONE. We made our way back to the headless lounge on the SECOND FLOOR!! It was annoying but I guess that was the only place they
could have it.

Baja others and I started complaining about the shortness of the parade and other organizational things. On the plus side there was a good amount of water and really yummy lemon aid. More of Trigger Happy Squirrels fans where up there as well. All and all, I was happy with the fursuit heads off lounge even thought it was on the second floor. I cooled off and then we went down to the lobby to goof off, but the lobby had been changed so we could really only go to certain parts of the lobby area. There was just a general "you don't belong here" vibe, I got kinda freaked out and decided that when I was told I could not be in a general area of the lobby I decided it was time to get out of suit so I headed back to theelevator, luck shined on me. I was kinda freaked out and ran into Aritu. I asked him to walk me back up to my room. He did.

Got back to the room, and disrobed and proceeded to tall Aritu about the parade and everything. It was just really strange at a con. Got out of the room and wandered around tracked down Sirinoth and the gang to hang with those guys for a little then back to the room one more time to drop off stuff. A bit more memory blur and then I was inthe bar getting drunk with Arokh, Stego, Sahara, Verko & Hoof. Had 2 double Vodka Cranberry's and also bought one for Arokh.

Back up to the room with a couple of them and did a little more drinking. Mainly juts finished off a few bottles of Sake. After that the short version is that some folks went back to their rooms and we all went to bed.

- Kiteless
Tags: furcon

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