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Califur Day 3 (Still going... kinda)

OK well I am sitting on CA-152 going about maybe 2 miles an hour. Diadexxus is driving thankfully. Traffic has just been a nightmare. It was a little tight getting out of L.A. but nothing too bad. Then there was a fatal double car crash about 12 miles south of Harris Ranch where we stopped for dinner, that was over and hour wait on the hot freeway. We passed a forest fire that was effecting traffic the other direction, and now we are going like 1 to 2 miles an hour on 152 West. I was hoping to be in bed by 9PM because I have to wake up at 4AM to go to a job site for the company I work for.

Anyway, woke up at 8AM and hopped in the shower and got packing after. Got all our stuff out in the hallway and our "dragon friends" stayed in the room till Noon. Diadexxus got her car and the bellman got our stuff down from the room. Met "Ham Sandwitch" in the lobby, got the car packed and went to this place called "The Corner Bakery". It was really good. Our bellman told us about it. We ate there and headed to the garment district to buy fur. I go 12 yards of goodies. No I am not saying what I got. :p It was HHOOOOOT. I got some Mexican Coca-Cola for 2 dollars on ice, it was great. .... Oh a Crossfire just drove by on the shoulder doing like 40pmh, then a min later a tow truck followed by a little sedan Chevy Aveo ... Anyway some how between Dia, "Ham Sandwich" and I all purchased around 35 yards of fur at least. Some how we fit all that fur plus us 3 and all our stuff, including 5 fursuits in Dias Honda Fit.

Not really much else to say. We got on the freeway, and started driving then hit the traffic and it has been a fairly crappy drive home. We are still on CA-152 going at a snails pace as I write this. At least the weather is cool with the sun going down. It is 8:30right now. A big thanks to Diadexxus for driving and staying positive about the drive.

- K
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